Cross & Flame
Somerset Grace
United Methodist Church
Sunday Worship at 10:30am

Holy Trinity Methodist Church of Celaya

(Iglesia Metodisto de Celaya la Santisima Trinidad)

Grace Church participates in a partnership with the Holy Trinity Methodist Church of Celaya, Mexico (Iglesia Metodisto de Celaya la Santisima Trinidad). Two of our church members worship in this church while spending several months each year in the city of Celaya. Located about 125 northwest of Mexico City, Celaya has a population of over 300,000. The Methodist Church has a vibrant congregation which has recently started a new children's ministry called "Club Timotheo," or "Timothy Club." Our children have sent educational materials along with personal pictures and have recently received back handwritten notes and photographs of some of the children in the church. Our congregation sends support which helps the church and it's pastor to continue to reach out to the community in meaningful ways. As our partnership with this sister church continues, we look forward to sharing more about the ways that God is working through our siblings in Christ in Mexico.
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