Please be part of our new 2022 Church Directory!

Our church is doing a new pictorial directory! This is a small book featuring names, photos, and contact info (if desired) for our church family. Everyone who joins us for Sunday mornings and/or our church activities is welcome and encouraged to participate. (This is NOT limited to official church members.) Even if we haven't seen you for a while (hey--it's been a crazy couple of years!), we hope that you'll take part! The finished book is a helpful tool to put names with faces, as well as a keepsake for years to come.

There is no fee to you or to the church, but you will have the opportunity to buy professional photos of you and/or your family. Each family who is photographed will receive a directory and a free 8x10 photo.

We want everyone to get a new photo so that our new directory will be complete. IT WON’T BE COMPLETE WITHOUT YOU!

You can make your appointment at church on the sign-up sheets, or, you can click on the link below and make your appointment on-line. Our photography days are May 4 and 5, and you can already pick your time by clicking the button below.

You may be receiving a prerecorded call with Pastor Eric asking you to sign up for a photo session. The directory company says they'll send the call a couple of times, so we apologize in advance if you think we are "bugging you"--we just think it's important to have you involved!!

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