Disaffiliation Information

The first vote for all members of the church will be held on Sunday, Nov 20 at 1:30pm.

An informational meeting will be held Tuesday, Nov 8 at 6:00pm.

Here are some resources that you can access from home to learn more about the status of The United Methodist Church, the reasons that some congregations are seeking to disaffiliate, and the reasons that other congregations are choosing to remain. Here you will find videos from leaders in The United Methodist Church and from leaders in the new Global Methodist Church that is seeking to be the new home for churches that leave the UMC. Leaders from the UMC will share why, in their view, it is faithful to remain, and leaders from the GMC will share why, in their view, it is faithful to depart. As Grace Church, we must discern and seek wisdom from the Lord, and it is hoped that these resources will shed some light.

First, here are two series of six videos. One series is from Rev. Rob Renfroe, who gives reasons for why he believes churches should disaffiliate. The other series is from Rev. Adam Hamilton, who responds to each of the Renfroe's videos.

I suggest watching these videos in order, for example, video #1 from the first link, followed by video #1 from the second site, then continuing on.

Six Videos Representing the Case for Disaffiliation
(numbered 1-6 near the top of the page)

Six Videos Responding to the Above
(scroll down a little to the six boxes, you can start the video and enlarge, or you can follow the link to YouTube)

You can easily find more information from both perspectives, but I will give you a place to start with two links from each perspective below:

More information from the United Methodist Church:

Is the UMC really? Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

A Video from our Bishop
(She plans to release more information, either in written or video form, in the coming weeks.)

More information from the Global Methodist Church and the Wesleyan Covenant Association, which are encouraging churches to leave the UMC and unite with the GMC:

Global Methodist FAQs

About the Wesleyan Covenant Association

Your pastor is always willing to talk with you about this process. My hope and prayer is that we continue to seek God's will and trust that God will continue to lead us in discipleship and service to His Kingdom.